Pascale Rubens, accordion, fiddle

Toon Van Mierlo, accordion, flutes, bagpipes

The two musicians got together in 2003 to play for a dance. It worked out fine and they are now happily married. They have released three CDs under the name Naragonia. Their mostly self-written dancing music is very much appreciated in several European countries (Belgium, France and Portugal).


Pascale Rubens started off with classical training for the violin, but at 18 she fell in love with the melodeon. As part of another duo, Musaraigne, she represented Belgium at the EBU Folk Festival in Gdansk. As a child, Toon Van Mierlo played the oboe. At 21 he discovered the uillean pipes and shortly after the French bagpipes, melodeon, soprano sax, flutes and clarinet.

They both play and record with many reputable groups and still find time to teach: Pascale teaches the accordion in music schools and at international workshops, and Toon teaches bagpipes and melodeon in the music academy and at workshops in Belgium and abroad. Pascale and Toon together are known as composers of dance tunes and in 2010 they published a collection of their music.

Belgija – Tout le temps – Naragonia

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