Czech Republic

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Alena Čípová, Jan Běťák, Pavel Císarík, Klára Císaríková, Jan Glembek, Petr Šebela

Bezobratři was founded in 2005 by 3 enthusiasts playing folk woodwind musical instruments whose original aim was simply to meet and share the pleasure of playing together. Their name came from the times when instruments were made of European elder: Bezo-bratři – “Brothers of Elder”.


The turning point came with their desire for richer and unrestrained music – something that made them start recruiting other musicians. After various modifications the group got its present form which includes vocals, violins, a viola and violoncello, as well as various pipes and flutes, ‘gajdas’, a carillon, drums, a percussion, a cymbal and an accordion.

In 2008, they began deflecting from the genre of pure classical folk in order to create their own style and image. Bezobratři have since had many concerts, recordings, albums, compilations, radio and television appearances and awards. Critics describe their folk music as “original and exotic”.

Czech – Isla Kacenka na travu – Bezobratri

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