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Music group Bezobratři was founded in the autumn of 2005 by three enthusiasts playing folk woodwind musical instruments – Pavel Císarík, Marek Gonda and Jan Glembek. The original aim of this trio was to meet and share the pleasure of playing together. The nature of the instruments itself does not offer such possibility as they are instruments of herdsman´s solitude. The name of the group Bezobratři came into existence during that period as whistles, end blown flutes and shepherd´s pipes were made of European elder. (Bezobratři – brothers of European elder)

The first performances of the group were conceived as presentations and demonstrations of various folk instruments, both solo and collectively. The turning point came with the desire for richer, more unrestrained joyful music. The founders started recruiting artists playing other musical instruments.


After various modifications the group got its present form:      

Jan Běťák – violin, viola, vocals

Pavel Císarík – vocals, pipes, shepherd´s pipes, end blown flutes, gajdas, carillon, drums and percussion

Klára Císaríková – vocals, violin

Jan Glembek – pipes, shepherd´s pipes, end blown flutes, cymbalo, vocals

Alena Čípová or Veronika Jiříčková – vocals, violoncello

Petr Šebela – accordion, vocals


In 2007 they recorded their debut album BezCeler. In 2008 – 2009 Bezobratři had undergone various internal changes, particularly regarding their approach to  folk song, that has always been the inspirational source of their music work. They were gradually deflecting from the genre of pure classical folklore and had started operating more author like with songs.

In 2009 Bezobratři recorded their second album BezObav which was released in June 2010 and was nominated for the Czech music award called Anděl as album of the year 2010 in World Music cathegory and actually won this cathegory.

In the spring 2009 Czech Televison filmed a profile about the group for a musical programme series called Na moll. In 2011 in the same programme series there was a part of a concert and an interview with the group. At present Bezobratři have been cooperating with lyricist Jiři Veska and have been working on a new repertoire.




BezCeler (2007) – 14 songs

BezObav (2010) – 12 songs, released by Indies Scope



Vysočina (2008) – 2 songs, released by Indies Scope, concert recordings from folk festival Folk holidays

Indies Scope (2010) – 1 song, compilation of the best music released by Indies Scope in 2010


Other activities of Bezobratři

  • Workshops – making of pipes, sheperd´s pipes and learning how to play on them
  • Close cooperation with theatre Polárka in Brno – concerts, live accompaniment for performances/plays
  • Live music during theatre performances at primary school Pavlovská in Brno
  • Cooperation with leisure centre Lužánky in Brno



„…all fans of folk music should crow with delight as this bunch of folk musicians comes with an approach that is in a way original…it is the composition of instruments that differs Bezobratři from any other similar group…Bezobratři have been using not only traditional folk instruments but also exotic instruments such as castanets or didgeridoo and also their hand made instruments – different pipes and flutes…“


„…there are ordinary joys and concerns, optimism and sadness in such balladic texts that one cannot get rid of the impression that interpersonal relations have not changed much throughout centuries. Their music is suitable for listeners of different genres – when one has feelings and a tin ear the core of their music has to be understood. And if you had a feeling that folk songs are today only for commercial use, this natural and lively album has to be heard…“


„..we are always trying to keep the folk part of the song on one hand, but on the other hand we are trying to add something new, something orginal and fresh….“