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Duo Klaus & Salossi


Klaus von Wrochem studied violin, but he has always been rejecting the mainstream concert business. Instead, he loves performing in the streets with his violin, wearing his typical overalls. Within almost forty years, “Klaus der Geiger” (“Klaus the Fiddler”) has become an institution in Cologne, particularly regarding social movements and conflicts. He sings wonderful and yet bizarre songs about, but especially against societal insanity that he observes. He does not have anything against classical music, but he criticizes the classical culture business. That is why he prefers telling his stories in the streets, singing against capitalism, violence, and nuclear power – and for freedom and a peaceful world. “Klaus der Geiger” is probably Germany’s most well known street musician. As much as he provokes and tends to annoy people, he evokes delight and enthusiasm. In 2011 he will be honoured with the “RUTH” world music award for his musical lifework.

„Salossi” – Sascha Loss – all-round musician and singer with a love for blues, plays in at least 17 bands, which he also produces himself. As a duo both musicians have played together for more than 10 years, which is considerably longer than an average marriage lasts nowadays…


Web: www.klausdergeiger.de  and www.salossi.de