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Grigore Leşe

Grigore Leşe comes from the region known as Lapus County in Northern Romania where they make a distinction between a canta (“to sing”) and a hori (“to horesc”) – an ancient guttural technique. For ages, music has been an integral part of the lives of Romanians and of sacred value for them. Grigore Leşe who inherited his singing voice from his mother says you can’t horesc if you weren’t born to do it.

Even though he completed the Music Conservatory of Cluj University and is a Doctor in Music, Grigore Leşe has devoted his life to preservation of this archaic interpretive technique which he learned in his native village.

He is a militant for the preservation of authenticity in folklore who believes that the most representative song is the „solitary horea“ because „it’s the closest to our essence, since it speaks about alienation, about grief, lament and mourning“.

While audio recordings have their role, he says, I assure you that the impact of a live performance is almost inconceivably powerful.

Pana-n ziua dui-dui-dui

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