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Andrey Solodkiy, Mikhail Savin, Dmitry Vlasenko, Alexander Staroverov, Alexey Zavolokin, Eugeny Borets, Victoria Kanatkina, Larisa Semenyuk

The music played by Solod i Savin is pop enriched with traditional folk instruments of Russia, such as horn, balalaika, gusli, and a distinctive Russian female back-vocal. Savin is a multi-instrumentalist and sound producer.

His arrangements are influenced by the music of Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninov and other Russian composers. Solod has won song competitions and festivals in France, Greece and the USA. Solod’s nice natural tenor-alto voice with a span of three octaves gives a particular flavour to the works of the group.

In 2010 his voice conquered the hearts of the jury at the televised Baltic Song Festival. He works very well with Savin, whose musicians are considered to be one of the strongest groups on the Russian jazz scene. Among them is Eugeny Borets – one of the most demanded jazz pianists in Russia.

Rusija – Kukushka – Andrew Solod and Mikhail Savin' Group

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Natalia Trapeznikova, voice

Nikolay Struchkov

Natalia Trapeznikova is prima donna of Yakut popular music, a soloist with the State Theatre of Variety Art of Yakutia and laureate of various national and international (German and Italian) song competitions.

She is a Yakut, born in Yakutia, but confesses Orthodoxy and sings Russian songs. Natalia Trapeznikova sings traditional songs in Yakut, Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, English, French, Laotian, Chinese, Turkish, Yukagir, Mongolian, 25 languages in total. Her concerts turn into festive shows combining a wonderful vocal with unique accompaniment and colorful clothes.

For the EBU Folk Festival in Opatija, she selected the best examples of diverse Russian music and exotic characteristics of the country’s remote regions.

Russia – Oguokay – Natalia Trapeznikova

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Irina Rurak, domra

Vitaly Makorin, balalaika

Taras Osadchuk, balalaika bas

The Concert Trio of the Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments was formed in 2007 at the Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, RTR. All three are soloists. The Concert Trio’s repertoire includes arranged classical pieces, works of contemporary composers, folk melodies and popular music.

The Trio performs at the best venues in Moscow, such as the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Grand Hall of the Gnesins Academy of Music, Moscow International House of Music etc. Their performances offer a lot of virtuosity, elegance, easiness and improvisation.

Russia – Round-dance – RTR Folk Trio

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