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Natalia Trapeznikova


Natalia Trapeznikova is prima donna of Yakut popular music, a soloist of the State Theatre of Variety Art of Yakutia, a laureate of various national and international (Germany, Italy) song competitions.

She was born in Yakutia and is a Yakut, but confesses Orthodoxy and became the first Yakut singer of Russian songs. Her name can be found in the “Russia 2010 Book of Records” under “The greatest number of languages of singing repertoire”.

Natalia Trapeznikova sings traditional songs in Yakut, Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, English, French, Laotian, Chinese, Turkish, Yukagir, Mongolian, 25 languages in total.

Her concerts always turn into festive shows combining wonderful vocal, unique accompaniment and colorful clothes. For the EBU Folk Festival in Opatija Natalia Trapeznikova has prepared a special programme presenting the best examples of diverse Russian music culture and exotic character of Russian remote regions.