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Projecto mayo


Proyect Mayo is the path leading to “Mayo”, their upcoming first album which they have been working on for some time now. It is a fully self-managed and funded project that aims to offer folk music audiences the chance to experience Castillian music from their childhood in a new, fresh way. Whilst the recording keeps on going ahead, they are polishing their show and intensifying their musical relationship. Through dances, mainly from Burgos, Soria, Valladolid and Segovia, and also their own music, both the album and the show offer a tribute to all the dulzaina players and the other traditional musicians, with special regards for Simón Altable, a dulzaina player and teacher from Burgos. They wish to make these dances and songs their own, and interpret them as they feel them, even if sometimes the result is different from the traditional rendition. We are living in the 21st century globalised world, so why not carry the tradition closer to our global audience?; It dwells in the roots, and it is their belief that a new reading makes complete sense.


Jesús Enrique Cuadrado, “Chuchi”, is one of the most remarkable musicians of reference for the acoustic guitar in Castilla y León. Nearly fully self-taught, he is interested in, and masters, a number of musical styles, such as folk, rock&roll or blues. His sound is self-brewed and delicate, and has been influenced by the great guitar player Tony McManus, from whom Chuchi has received lessons in the Alasdair Fraser’s Vallery of the Moon international fiddle-camp.

Chuchi’s vital soundtrack includes the rock legends, such as Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis. He is a versatile guitar player, and loves to tackle new musical challenges. Not only is he a member of the award winning folk band Vallarna, he is also a well-known rock singer and guitar player, an aspect he has been developing for some time now with his band Vestigio. He continues his educational and learning process in Spain and abroad, with musicians great as Alasdair Fraser, Tony McManus, William Coulter, Xosé Liz or Carlos Beceiro.


Blanca Altable is on of the new violin talents of Castilla y León. Having been classically taught, she soon developed an interest in other musical styles. Hers is a passionate and very expressive one. In folk music, she finds her personal ground for expression, and her own sound, intimate happy, and delicate. From the age of eighteen, she has been on her own, digging in the world of technique and styles. She has attended courses in Spain and abroad with violinists as well known internationally as Alasdair Fraser, Diego Galaz, or Laura Cortese. She received a special grant from Caja de Burgos, to attend a course with Mark O’Connor in New York, in 2010.

She graduated in language studies in 2008, but decided to devote herself to passion, music. In addition to playing music, she is also director of “Crisol de Cuerda” (String Crucible), which organizes the only course on mainland Europe directed by Alasdair Fraser.

Slt is a relatively new duo. Though their friendship goes back further, the duo was formed in the summer of 2009. Both of them have run, and still participate in, other projects, working with other musicians in different musical styles.

  • Collaborators with the project VocalizAfrica, run by Foundación AMREF and the Asociación VOCA, for the awarness of the AIDS problem in Africa. The show melts all sorts of musical traditions and styles from Africa together with styles from the other territories.
  • Winners of INJUVE 2010 (Instituto Juventud, Ministerio de Igualidad) one of the most prestigious prizes to young creativity in folk music. Concerts sponsored by Instituto de Juventud in the Círculo de Bellas Artes, El Arenal, FESTISIERRA y FolkSegovia.
  • Appeared at Folkcomillas 2010, 18, 19, 20 June 2010, Comillas, Cantabria.
  • Appeared at Escenario abierto (open stage) 2010, 26, 27 March 2010. Etnográphic museum of  Castilla y León, Zamora


More information on this duo is available on their Myspace web: www.myspace.com/blancaychuchi