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Lisa Rydberg, violin, vioce

Lisa Eriksson Långbacka, accordion, voice

With their unique voices from the Swedish folk music scene, Lisa Rydberg, fiddle and Lisa Eriksson Långbacka, accordion, together make duo Lisas. The idea to perform at the EBU Folk Festival in Croatia came to their mind only recently, although they had been told many times before to play together.

The repertoire they offer consists of traditional songs from Hälsingland and Dalarna and their own compositions. Lisa Rydberg was the first student in Sweden studying the combination of classical and folk music. Her appointments and recognitions include Riksspelman, Pekkos Gustaf’s special prize and Spel-Stina’s Medal.

Lisa Eriksson Långbacka’s exploration of the accordion is unique. In Sweden, where she too got her academic education and professional recognitions, Lisa enjoys finding new ways of arranging traditional melodies and bringing harmonic ideas and influences (tango, pop, Celtic and classical) together in her compositions.

Sweden – Min levnads afton – Lisa Rydberg Lisa Eriksson-Laangbacka

More information on: www.lisarydberg.com and www.myspace.com/lisalangbacka