(RTR Radiotelevisiun Svizra Rumantscha)


Alexi Nay, Marcus Hobi

Clau Maissen

Alexi Nay and Marcus Hobi have been singing and playing Rumantsch songs for nearly 30 years, especially at various social gatherings. The wide repertoire they present includes their own songs.

Themes of happiness and sadness, love and anger, melancholy and protest are closely linked in their songs, although the theme of hope dominates. Earlier they focused on the vocals accompanied by a guitar, but various new instruments have brought innovation to their later work. Behind them are many successful performances, recognitions, awards and albums.

At concerts Alexi and Marcus often perform with other musicians, especially with the saxophonist Clau Maissen, who has been experimenting with different genres.

Switzerland – Andorra – Alexi E Marcus

More information on: www.alexiemarcus.ch