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NRCU National Radio Company of Ukraine


The Bandura Players Trio


Why is bandura so honored by many generations? Why have the people trusted most precious things to the strings of this music instrument? For many generations it has been a symbolic cathedral to uplift human soul and approach universal harmony.

The Bandura Players Trio of the National Radio Company of Ukraine (NRCU) was formed in 2004. It continues national traditions of instrumental performance and reflects typical manner for Ukrainian singing – triple voiced formation.

Nowadays the Trio is in its artistic growth and development. The ensemble stands out with its peculiar and unrepeated manner.

Soon after the formation in 2004, the Bandura Players Trio had numerous performances in Europe and the USA.  In 2005 the first album was released. The second CD came out in 2009.

The ensemble is a winner and awards-holder of many competitions. Its songs are frequent both on radio and TV.

The ladies of the Trio are introducing traditional Ukrainian folk songs in original jazz arrangements. This bridge between the past and present is what makes the ensemble famous. Joyful and upbeat melodies are changing with lyric and heart-felt intonations, typical for Ukrainian folk traditions.

Magic of Ukrainian folk songs performed by vocal trio with bandura accompaniment often makes the audience hold their breath. The trio singers open up and present the old stories of generations as though they take place nowadays just in front of our eyes.


Members: Kateryna Kovryk (vocal, bandura), Tetiana Malomuzh (vocal, bandura), Olha Cherniy (vocal, bandura)

Contacts: +38 044 239 92 01